Karie Garnier’s new book, which is 12 years in the making is ready to be released internationally:
THE WATER CURE: Heal Yourself Naturally – Eliminate Pain Quickly – Add Years to Your Life!

“I was bedridden, bone-thin, and dying. Today, thanks to The Water Cure, I am vitally alive! More than once in my life I almost died from stubborn illnesses. The good news: During each health crisis I saved my own life with THE WATER CURE”. The healing wisdom shared in this brief memoire and how-to guide could save your life.”
Excerpt From: Karie Garnier. “The Water Cure: Heal Yourself! Eliminate Pain! Live Longer!”

Karie has worked with First Nations healers for 35 years and has a long track record of honoring the wisdom of the elders.

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