Dear family, friends and visitors …

Please Note: This is my very first time to use WordPress, and my first time to set up a blog, and it’s all very challenging. So please bear with me.

Wow! Besides getting ready to:

a) Launch my new book called *The WATER CURE Miracle* I am preparing to:

b) Head overseas to Manila to meet with The Philippine President about buying Fuga Island, and while I’m there I will also offer to:

c) Teach my deeply healing Water Cure seminars to tens of thousands of Filipinos who are in rehabilitation centres, I am also:

d) Scrambling to develop and launch this new blog!

Why? Because this new blog site is going to be the international hub and coordinating centre for all my projects, and a source of many FREE GIFTS for YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES!

So, PLEASE read the rest of this short post, and come back soon, so you can claim your FREE BOOKLETS, FREE CHAPTERS, and FREE REPORTS noted below (sorry the download links aren’t active today, buy they will be soon.)

Oh God help me get this new site up and running ASAP.

Anyway, the good news is …

I DID IT! Welcome to Karie’s *very first blog*. The author of *The WATER CURE Miracle* finally took the plunge!

Welcome. Welcome! Think of this blog site as your Community Centre. The place where we can: hang out, get to know each other, learn the Secrets of Healing, and share knowledge that will make this world a better place for all.

Come and join me. Let’s embark on this phenomenal journey together.

Please Note: This journey *raises the bar*, sets a precedent, and could change the world forever!

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– The 100% Natural Healing method that saved my life; and

– How *Friends of Fuga* and people like you can easily buy Fuga Island and give it back!

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The Enlightening Posts and Healing Knowledge that you will receive in *KARIE’S FREE NEWSLETTER* include Secrets of:

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*FUGA ISLAND: Let’s Buy the Ancient Island and Give it Back to the Natives!* You think I’m kidding? I’m not kidding. I am totally serious!

Let’s make history. Come join me. Or at least follow the developments on this blog. Follow our progress as we embark on yet another overseas journey to save and protect—forever—the ancient island of Fuga. Please Note: You’re in for lots of surprises!

*The Purpose* of this supremely important expedition is to:

a) Meet with The Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in Manila (this will happen soon)

b) Teach my life-changing seminars on *Enlightened Hydration*

c) Establish international partnerships and negotiate with the kingpins on behalf of the native people of Fuga Island

d) Prepare to buy the ancient island in the South China Sea and arrange to:

e) Give—yes—GIVE the Northern Philippine Island back to the oppressed Ilocano families who have lived, and farmed, and fished, and died on their ancestral island since time immemorial.

Whaaat? BUY an entire 10,000 hectare island???

Yes. Yes. Yes. This is no BS. I am the founder of *Friends of Fuga Humanitarian* and I’ve been working on this project for 25 YEARS! The time is ripe.

Did You Know? The opportunity to buy Fuga Island, give it back to the natives, and protect the ancient island as a *UNESCO World Heritage Site* is the fulfillment of a Near Death Vision and a God-Given Dream.

Come join me and be part of this awesome project!

See you back here soon. Let’s make history!

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